Mariah Carey Has Diva Conniption Fit Over Nicki Minaj Possibly Joining Idol

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Mariah Carey is furious at American Idol execs for courting Nicki Minaj as a possible judge. Apparently she was under the impression that she would be the only woman on the panel, and insiders say that a two-vagina judging panel would certainly throw viewers for a loop, so it's obviously all still in talks. Because it's unclear whether Randy Jackson is resuming his gig as a judge or just mentoring, there's also some speculation about whether we'll see a 2-woman, 2-man 4-person judges table.

If you didn't fall asleep just then, Mimi was mad enough to hang up on producers when they told her, and then I imagine she vanished in a POOF of butterflies, sparkles and smoke. [VH1, TMZ]

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In which Maggie Gyllenhaal pontificates on babychanges:

I used to be judgmental of the way other people would parent. I would look at someone talking on a cell phone while her baby was asleep in a stroller and think, "How can that mother have her cell phone out?" Then you actually have a baby and you're like, she's sleeping; I have 10 minutes; I'll make three phone calls. I think so much of my judgment - not only about how people parent, but about people in general - went away when I became a mom.

What about using your baby AS a cell phone? WHY AREN'T I GETTING ANY RECEPTION? [Scholastic]

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Since being introduced by mama hen Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio has offered to take Robert Pattinson on a boys trip to Puerto Rico to forget all about that what's-her-name with the help of la Piña Colada. DiCaprio is booking a mansion at a "secret location" on the coast, and has "kept an eye on Rob's career ever since people started calling him the next Leonardo DiCaprio." A little, uh, megalomaniacal, but OK! This does fit with my theory that DiCaprio is quietly expanding in ego and body weight until he is the next Orson Welles. [The Sun]

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Cher! Cher! Cher is getting married to a former Hell's Angel named Tim Metvetz. Along with finding what is likely the only Hell's Angel named "Tim," Cher has climbed Mount Everest with the dude and plans on getting hitched at a dimestore chapel in Las Vegas. The two were set to wed in 2008, but she was too busy. Gypsies, tramps, thieves and a stoned-as-fuck Gregg Allman will likely be in attendance. [National Enquirer]

Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte had a late-night swimming race in Las Vegas and this is the video. Let the slash fiction commence. (If it hasn't already.) [NYDN]


  • Urrrsher's ex Tameka Raymond got her cancelled Saks card back when she claimed it was a business expense. [Bossip]
  • Scarlett Johansson and boyfriend Nate Naylor strolled around Paris. [Us Weekly]
  • Neve Campbell's baby looks miserable on the beach with her. What? I mean, what a beautiful lil' miracle! [Us Weekly]
  • Pink cried after delivering daughter Willow because she was "instantly terrified" that her daughter would make all of the same mistakes. [Belfast Telegraph]
  • On the bright side, this is the happiest Elton John's ever been! Yahtzee! [Express]
  • Geri Halliwell didn't start dating until her 30s and does not spice up her life with alcohol, so don't try to make her. [Hello! Magazine]
  • Hilary Swank and 5-year boyfriend John Capisi have called it quits. [Us Weekly]
  • In a paen for Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers asserts that she was under appreciated because the 1960s sucked for comedy: "The only tragedy in [Diller's] entire life is that she was funny in an era when you had to look funny to be funny." [TMZ]
  • Gabrielle Union is as horrified as the rest of us Muggles about the "legitimate rape" thing. [The Grio]
  • If you feel like checking out Jennifer Aniston's body double, go for it. [NYDN]
  • Yup, this is Michael Douglas as Liberace. [World of Wonder]
  • Taylor Swift consoled Conor Kennedy at the grave of his mother Mary Kennedy. [NYDN]
  • Ridley Scott has postponed shooting his new movie The Counselor in order to grieve for younger brother Tony. [Express]
  • Gerard DeparDON'T HIT ME YOU CRAZY FRENCHMAN is counter-suing that motorist he collided with the other day thinks we should legalize marijuana after some of those crazy west coast types got her onto it. [Express]
  • Tax evader Lauryn Hill turned down an interview request from Oprah. Four horsemen of the Apocalypse scheduled to gallop over Los Angeles at 11:30 AM. [BET]
  • That time a woman put falsies on her 6-year-old to do a Dolly Parton routine on Toddlers and Tiaras? Yup, she might lose custody. Yuuuuup. [HuffPo]
  • "They are set to do the voices for a kids' Asian cartoon hit that is being imported to the US." —the autumn plans of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. As if that whole thing wasn't weird enough. [The Sun]
  • Hey, Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson likes your hair, by the way. [E! Online]
  • Miley and her cute brown dog. [People]
  • Lady Gaga and her newly-dyed "Louis Vuitton brown" hair. Also cute. [People]
  • Rumer Willis celebrated her 24th birthday with Tallulah, Scout and Bruce Willis in New York. Demi Moore nowhere to be found. [Page Six]
  • "Sources told us everyone let their hair down except Hillary, who wore her hair back in a scrunchie." —Bill and Hillary Clinton chilled in the Hamptons this weekend. [Page Six]

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I like Maggie for admitting this. I guess once you realize how hard and time consuming having a child is and how many "odd" things work for you in your family, you open you eyes and minds to how silly it is to judge. I don't understand though why you would judge someone for being on their phone when their baby is asleep.

I'm happy that Michael Douglas is working again.

Can you imagine an interview with Lauryn Hill and Oprah? I can't imagine it being anything but awkward.

I used to love Cher but something about her seems so smug sometimes that I just can't stand it. I will forever love her for Moonstruck though.