Mariah Carey Can't Handle 'Abusive' Overhead Lighting and Why Should She

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Soon-to-be reality TV star Mariah Carey is known to be very specific about her lighting, to the point of obsession. Just like me, Mariah simply cannot deal with “abusive” lighting.


Mariah has a long history of extreme lighting and camera demands, which includes her 2011 appearance on Home Shopping Network during which she expertly directs camera angles. Bad lighting, for Mariah, is almost like a disease. Or just a preference!

The singer talked about her lighting woes in a recent interview for The Sunday TimesStyle Magazine (transcribed here), the setting for which was a humongous rented home described as “a grandiose mansion in a gated community in a suburb of Los Angeles.”

“I am a pretty insecure person. But I have to get over that because this is the reality of my life. I look better than I looked a few months ago, but I am definitely not one of those people who says, ‘I look amazing today,’” she says, before addressing the horrid lighting.

“I have to point out this is a rented house—I would never have overhead lighting,” she clarifies. “High hats, they call them. In my apartment in New York, it’s all recessed lighting, chandeliers, candles. This lighting is abusive.”

Recent rumors suggest that Carey’s simple detailed lighting instructions, among other things, have been holding up production on her upcoming reality show.


She told Us Weekly last year, “I have an extreme aversion to overhead lighting. In my opinion, elevator lighting is toxic!”

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I sort of get it. I hate harsh lighting—not just because of how it makes people look (bad, always bad), but because it is too much sensory stimulation. Sunshine is one thing—you’re outside, your eyes are expecting it—but inside at night, I’m always turning off bright overhead lights and switching on side lamps. Who wants an interrogation spotlight in your face all the time?


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