La Divina herself, Maria Callas, is probably rolling over in her grave knowing that her personal possessions are going up for auction at Sotheby's. Love letters, and photos and dresses: oh my! Naturally, we took to perusing the catalogue to check out the goods for ourselves. But basta if the opera singer and one-time lover of Aristotle Onassis thought she suffered greatly at the hands of her wardrobe, well, we think she suffered even more at the hands of her wardrobe! Callas' sartorial statements look a little more, well, Dorothy Zbornak than Yves Saint Laurent. The good, the bad, and the ugly of Callas-wear, after the jump. (FYI, that dress above? Starts at auction for $8,777.)

The Good:

So sleek! So minimal! Would make Callas's great rival Jackie O proud!
(L to R starting bids are $13,17, $4,390, and $1,024.)

The Bad:


It all just screams old Jews in Boca Raton.
(L to R starting bids are $1,024, $878, and $2,194.)

The Ugly:


Ethnic prints, purple capes, and polka dots are definitely not divina.
(L to R starting bids are $2,925, $3,657, and $1,317.)

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