Margot Robbie to Play Disgraced Olympian Tonya Harding in Upcoming Biopic I, Tonya

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2016's potential Next Big Thing Margot Robbie has been cast as 1994's potential Next Big Thing Tonya Harding in the upcoming biopic I, Tonya. Entertainment Weekly reports the film will be written by Steven Rogers, the screenwriter of Stepmom, another movie about two feuding women.


Though their physical similarities begin and end at “white and blonde,” there’s something about Robbie—her secret-filled eyes and nearly sinister smile—that could fill in all those gaps to make her a perfect movie Harding.

Writes Entertainment Weekly:

Harding was one of the most vilified athletes in American sports history. She rose to prominence at 21 years old, winning the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and nabbing second in the World Championships. She was pegged as a favorite for the 1994 Winter Olympics.

A month before the Games, fellow American skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Harding’s ex-husband and one of her bodyguards hired someone to break Kerrigan’s legs ahead of the competition. The resulting attack caused a bruised leg and forced Kerrigan to withdraw from the competition, which Harding won.

There’s no release date or director yet, but the title alone is enough to get me bouncing in my chair. I, Tonya. I, Tonya. I can see the teaser trailer already:

We see a close-up of a woman’s feet in ice skates, being laced quickly. Once tied, we follow the feet onto an ice skating rink. There’s no crowd noise—perhaps there’s no one in the audience—but the sounds of her blades scraping against the ice are almost deafening. She keeps skating, and we never lose sight of her feet. Then, after 30 seconds or so, she stops. The camera rises—slowly, and tilting up—and we see what she has carved into the ice:


While waiting for I, Tonya, I suggest you all watch ESPN’s excellent documentary about Harding, The Price of Gold.


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