March Madness, Round 4: Wine in a Box Gets Squeezed Out By Your Desire For a Vacation

Can you see the finish line? I can, but I seriously do not know where this will end. Let’s see how our choices fared this time around as we enter the realm of the “Elite 8.” I just learned that term today, cool, right?

In an outcome that frankly breaks my heart, Power Wheels Jammin Barbie Jeep Wrangler is now out of the running, having lost out to the ever-popular Everything is Free. You’d rather Get an A than Ignore Things You Don’t Understand, and you’d prefer Long Summer Vacations to Juice Boxes. And Cartoons gets the boot in favor of Making New Friends Just by Saying “Hi,” which is sweet.

Over on the Adulthood side, you’d rather drive An Actual Car (But It’s Probably Not Pink) than “Really Trying to Find Time to Read” which is a little surprising! What’s not surprising is that Getting a Raise beat out Getting Extremely Tired of Celebrity Gossip, though perhaps dubious is that you’d rather have Short Summer Vacations (But With Alcohol) than a perpetual Wine in a Box. I don’t know, guys. Finally, Going to Bed Hella Early won over Flannel Pajamas, which makes sense.

And so, we live to vote another day. Would you prefer that Everything Is Free (8), or the sweet satisfaction of Getting an A (14)? Do you like Long Summer Vacations (9) more than Making New Friends Just By Saying “Hi” (6)?


In Adulthood, is driving An Actual Car (But It’s Probably Not Pink) (5) better than Getting a Raise (14)? And in a heat that pains me to type, can you just decide if you prefer Short Summer Vacations (But With Alcohol) (9) or Going to Bed Hella Early (15) already? Vote quick and all at once, like pulling off the band-aid.


I know this is difficult, so you get the ENTIRE WEEKEND to vote. We’ll be back Monday morning to see who’s going into the FINAL FOUR.

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