And the beatdown goes on. Yesterday's matches delivered two solid beatdowns, but what today brings is unclear. In our tournament to definitively declare the superiority of either sex or chocolate, could it all come down to a sentimental favorite? The Selection Committee is looking at you, Hot Chocolate. Are you the little mug that could?

Click here for a printable PDF of the original bracket, or click the image at left for an updated version. Rules of gameplay can be found here.

First, the aforementioned ass-kicking: It was kind of hard not to feel sorry for yesterday's unlucky 13th seeds, Beach Sex and Chocolate Cereal. Both were positively trounced by No. 4 seeds Missionary and Fudge, respectively, each taking at least 80% of the vote. We shouldn't dwell, but the sheer brutality of these matches and the injuries sustained by the sad losers deserves a moment of silence.


Okay, done.

Today in the Sex conference we've got #6 Shower sex vs. eleventh-seeded Tittyfuck, and we think this one could go either way. Shower sex can be tremendously hot, but it often is more awkward than steamy pornos would lead you to believe. Tittyfuck, meanwhile, runs the risk of facials — wanted or not — but requires verrrry little effort on the ladies' part and for the gentleman could quite possibly feel a little hand-jobby.

But the real game to watch is in the Chocolate court, where fourth-seeded Souffle faces off against 11th-placed Hot Chocolate, and unlike yesterday's battles, this one isn't so clear. Souffle is so good — but is it too elitist? Too difficult to create? Or is that what makes it so amazing? Meanwhile, hot chocolate can keep it simple — or not, and so it runs the gamut in terms of quality. But it almost always warms the heart. Could the delicious Souffle lose to a toasty mug of the sentimentality? That's all up to you.


Polls close at 1am EDT; cast your vote and let the wisdom of the masses move us forward.