March 2007 MagHag: Glamour

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Despite its really fresh, gorgeous cover of Liv Tyler, we're not loving this month's issue of Glamour. First, there's the laugh-out-loud coverline Sexy At Any Size!, which we'd be more likely to buy into if the women shown in the advertisements and fashion spreads inside the magazine were actually any size over a size 4. Our ire is further heightened by the promotion of a story on The Secret Things Men Do When Women Aren't Around. Puh-leeze. Do we need a magazine article to tells us that most American guys drink beer, watch TV, scratch their balls, and masturbate when we're at home doing our laundry?


And we aren't buying editor-in-chief Cindi Leive's letter to Glamour readers in which she calls for American women to begin changing their ideas of the perfect body-type and weight. Memo (yet again!) to women's magazine editors: once you guys start regularly publishing photographs of models and celebrities who are over a size 8, then maybe impressionable young women will take your "love your curves" call-to-arms seriously.

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Page 64: YES [Free shit, including Burberry trench and mod-graphic caftan/dress!]

Page 106: MAYBE [Scoff at beauty editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig's ignorance of how cold sores actually work. Hint: a person can't re-infect herself with the herpes virus with her lipstick, Andrea: the virus resides in her bloodstream].

Page 128: YES [Cute sneakers!]

Page 152: MAYBE [Find out which of your lunch sandwiches are actually unhealthy!]


Page 155: YES [Freaky news on how pregnancy changes your body!]

Page 156: YES [How to deal with your doctor!]

Page 175: MAYBE [Jennifer Baumgardner admits that, in addition to swapping her lactating breasts with her "good friend" Anastasia, she's also hooked up with her!].


Page 196: MAYBE [Elisabeth Rohm confesses she acted-out in public as a teenager in order to get attention; marvel at how little things have changed!].


Page 214: YES [Wonder if Meredith Vieira is really as unimpressed with interviewer Carole Radziwill as she looks!]

Page 246: MAYBE [Glamour's answer to the success of Jackass!]