Marc Rudov: Out To End The Oppression Of Men And Triumph Of Logic

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Blogger, columnist, Republican talking head Marc Rudov is one angry guy. I'm not really sure what he's so angry about, but if his column this week is any guide, it's some combination of: his ex-wife; the fake idea that marriage is about love; his inability to say offensive things without offending women he'd like to sleep with who should sleep with him based on... well, based on something; men that don't accept that women want sex all the time and it's within men's power to extract it; women that don't have sex with men because they are pissed off at them; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden; ad execs; the supposed legions of women who falsely cry rape all the time; men without balls; and, dare we say, the man in the mirror. Excerpts of his incoherent rantings about the gynocracy (we wish) after the jump.

Nothing symbolizes spineless deference more than a man on bended knee proposing marriage to his girlfriend.


If this was the start of an argument about why there should be more equality in marriage rituals, I'd be all for it. But, sadly, no. It's just about how getting on one knee is "emasculating" rather than respectful. And, while he notes that women file about 70 percent of the divorce claims in this country (up from 62 percent in 1867!) and claims that it's to extract money and vengeance from their husbands, he neglects the research in the article he posts on his own site that shows that most women end up less well-off after their marriages than during and that women are significantly less likely than men to re-marry. But that's okay because it doesn't prove his thesis that women are money-hungry, deceiving harpies out to take men's balls.

Supposedly, the basis of marriage has changed over time — evolving from parentally arranged unions focused on property, wealth, station, and lineage to modern ones in which the fiancés freely choose each other out of love and compatibility.
In reality, the more things have changed, the more they've stayed the same. Marriages, in 2008, still are about money and children, as their dissolutions ultimately prove.

Well, if Marc's right, then this must explain why I'm single because I have my own money and no great urge to breed... except, then, by Marc's reasoning men should be falling at my feet and I'm still single. Also, back to the thesis that women marry to extract money and offspring through men and then leave them, despite all the evidence that women end up financially worse off after a divorce. Is anyone else starting to get the sense that Marc had an alimony or child support payment due this week? It is the first of the month.

Despite all the talk about feminism and equality, Americans, via outmoded chivalry and unconstitutional reproduction, child-custody, rape, and domestic-violence laws, keep women in perpetual childhood. Yes, American women have grown accustomed to being spared risk, pain, and disappointment.
Because most men have been raised to make women happy, to close that painful gap between expectation and reality, the penalty for failing is tremendous.

What is unconstitutional reproduction, anyway? Also, yes, Marc, laws which punish men for forcibly inserting their penii into any of my orifices against my will with or without the use of a deadly weapon are keeping me in perpetual childhood. Guess that makes my rapists child rapists. And, gosh, those laws have SO spared me disappointment, risk and pain since they've totally kept me from being raped or physically assaulted by a boyfriend, not that they actually, you know, did or anything. And I'm sorry your wife got custody of your kid(s), but the more I read this, frankly, the more I'm thinking the judge made a good call.

Women just don't like to admit that feminarcissism is the rule, not the exception. Why is this? Most men tolerate and enable it out of false necessity: they naïvely believe that women have weak libidos. Such ignorance about female sexuality drives all irrational male behavior


Riiight. Well, we all know that some of us have damn strong libidos and, if I can personalize this just as much as Marc has, my willingness to have sex has definitely not stemmed any tide of irrational male behavior. Also, I think a lot of people [cough, Marc Rudov, cough] are pretty damn narcissistic.

Why is it that women who falsely accuse men of rape or domestic violence are never prosecuted?


Because this happens exactly how often? More or less than actual crimes, including rape? Less, right? Ok, so, let's call that a distribution of resources, especially since I'm going to just guess here that Marc's also one of those Republicans who doesn't like paying taxes so much. Also, "winning" a court case or having a prosecutor decline to prosecute doesn't mean the victim was lying — or that the defendant is innocent. He's just "Not Guilty." God knows no one ever gets away with crimes in this county.

In fact, Clinton is a hypocrite. Her presidential campaign and Website were all about women, women, women — which is overt sexism.


Yes, God forbid a candidate for President reach out to 51 percent of the citizens of this country.

Tell a woman she's too weak to be an executive in your company or commander in chief of the US Armed Forces, and see how fast you get a call from the EEOC. Now, tell her she's too strong to require special protection from VAWA, the unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act that Joe Biden, the US Senate's biggest woman-pleaser, created. Now, watch her victimhood side emerge to explain her vulnerabilities. Basically, women are strong when it suits them and weak when it suits them, and men, suffering from vaginaphobia, just go along with it.


Did he just call Joe Biden a playa? And, yes, domestic violence requires no special laws or anything which is why we've so successfully stamped it out in this country. And men who recognize that it does are scared of not getting laid. Also, since when is brute strength required to be a CEO or a military commander? I'm sure that Marc would also argue that the 100 American women killed in Iraq only got killed because they were weak.

A man's welfare, in this gynocracy that men built, depends on a woman's mood, her ethics, the state in which she lives, and the reluctance of an unknown future judge or jury to "disappoint" her. The playing field is unlevel because men — afraid of being called misogynists and afraid of not getting laid — allowed it to happen, continue to tolerate it, and won't fight it.


Well, at least he isn't still claiming that women built the so-called gynocracy, even as he claims that a society which pays women 80 cents for every dollar men earn is female-dominated. Of course, "getting laid" is also a part of a man's welfare, so I'm guessing Marc has rather limited interests. Has he ever heard of masturbation?

This is, annoyingly, part of a larger trend in which people "bemoan" the loss of some past in which men were Men, women were home and society and every about it was perfect and hunky-dory and no one had any problems. Of course, that perfect society spawned the feminist movement because it was just a false facade of a perfect society. There was still adultery, divorce, domestic violence, drug abuse, rape and women getting custody of their kids by rote (one of Marc's apparent pet peeves). Of course, the problem was no one talked about it or did anything about it, so it seemed better than today when people are talking about it and trying to do things about it and some of those things require that men and women adjust to changing gender roles and social expectations. What it doesn't require, as Marc suggests, is that men "grow a pair."


I'm all for having an honest discussion about the way that judges and courts seem to privilege mothers in custody cases regardless of the situation which, it can be argued, is rooted in sexism about a woman's "proper" role in the family and manifests itself as sexism about the role of fathers. But when it comes with this kind of sexist, misogynist "men need to grow a pair and give women the sexing they won't admit they really want but just look at what she's wearing" baggage, well, this is why the father's movement keeps losing the battle. Epic fail, Marc.


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