Marc Jacobs Says He Eats Breakfast; We Are Doubtful.

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  • Marc Jacobs eats breakfast? Does he throw it up afterwards? [WWD, last item]
  • Super-nice Australian dude Napoleon Perdis (yes, that's really his name) and his eponymous makeup line to become official beauty sponsor of this year's Emmy Awards. The guy is so genuinely nice, we don't even have anything snarky to say about this. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Jessica Biel wears Express? Can she not even spring for, like, the Gap? [People via Fab Sugar]
  • Why are we not at all surprised that Thom Brown, designer of menswear for douchebags, loves Ayn Rand and Gustav Mahler? [The Fashion Informer]
  • Explaining how she developed her personal style, English socialite Daphne Guinness responds, "I grew up in an artists' colony near Barcelona with Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, so my dress sense is very coloured by my youth. Everybody knew that Dali was the most crazy; you'd go to his house and he would have lobsters in his pool." [Vogue UK]
  • The latest line of accessories by Temperley London are supposed to be inspired by Russia in the early 1900's. We're not sure what burgeoning communism has to do with outrageously expensive leather handbags. [Vogue UK]
  • More opportunities to buy Urban Outfitters stuff online? Wow. We're so excited we can barely contain ourselves. [The Budget Fashionista]

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All these posts that were devoted to slagging the Gap and now you're saying Express is lesser than the beaten horse corpse of Gap?

Hmmm, in my shopping experiences recently, Express has been blowing Gap out of the water again and again...Then again I like pants that fit.