Marc Jacobs is on the cover of the winter/spring issue of Arena Homme Plus, and the story inside is chock full of wacky details. For instance: MJ has a large Boucheron ring — a pink diamond-encrusted frog holding a giant ball. "It looks pretty with pink sweat pants," he says. He has weird tattoos, including one of Carol Anne, the little girl from Poltergeist on his back — sitting in front of a TV set. This is the man who started his career in nerdy glasses and preppy slacks. This is the man who stopped drinking, drugging and clubbing and became sober. This is the man who designs Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton. This man says, "There is something very trashy about gold jewelry that I like. I bought a watch, it's just a gold Rolex... Ha! Just a gold Rolex." See the topless photo shoot and read more words of wisdom from Marc, after the jump.

"Fashion is dress up; it is role play and dress up. It becomes part of your work and your life. It does not change the person you are, but it is fun! People just see the world differently now, so differently from 20 years ago. The landscape has changed. People now are like caricatures; everyone has become a character through clothes and objects. The world is now so animated in some funny way. I sometimes feel as though everyone should come with a black outline around them."


"I have become very addicted to jewelry lately. I started to buy myself diamonds on my birthday this year — I was 44. I bought myself diamond earrings, put them on and thought, I like this. So then I bought myself a bracelet. Then I bought myself a necklace. Then I bought myself a watch. Then I thought, 'You're turning into Pharrell Williams.' Actually I am not turning into anybody. I am probably going through some phase, but I am enjoying every minute of it."

"I thought, I really want an M&M tattooed on my arm, a red M&M. I had that done for my birthday. I had thought, what a dumb thing to have your own name put on your body. But I really wanted to have my initial, so it had to be in the context of something really stupid: the M&M."


"I suppose you could say I am having a mid-life crisis. But I'm enjoying it."

"I had another dumb idea of having the word "oui" put on my arm. I wanted something that represented my life in France; of course it means yes, so it's positive."


"For me it seems a very rebellious thing to say, 'I did it because I wanted to.' Because I like it. It is devoid of any intellectualism or cerebral expression. The new concept is to have no concept. Ha!"

[Photographs by Juergen Teller.]