Marc Jacobs Is In Ur Blog, Pissy-Fitting In Ur Commentz

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  • So, Marc Jacobs hater/International Herald Tribune critic Suzy Menkes may have loooved Marc's show, but general MJ fangirl, the NY Times' Cathy Horyn, missed it altogether! Only to then check it out online and write, "[I] can see why some people found it a little slack." Only to then be responded to huffily, via the COMMENTS, on Marc by Marc himself, if you will: "Dear Cathy....I wish you could have been at my show...I deliberately stated I was uninspired this season as I have felt that talking about inspiration is so not the point to making and showing a collection." So yeah, any time you thought about dismissing the entire industry as one big neverending middle were pretty much right. [WWD, 1st item]
  • Oh no! Pink eye rampant at London Fashion Week! Think it's a deliberate conspiracy to sabotage the whole "certificate of health" thing? Yeah, fashion people are not that smart. [Vogue UK]
  • The latest victim of an eye-infection? Hagyness herself! [The Sun UK]
  • Aw, Benetton is getting back to its awesome ad roots: Its newest campaign is a promotion for a microlending program in Africa. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Now that the writers strike is over and the Oscars are officially on, the stars are expected to wear super bright and flashy colors. [Reuters]
  • L'Oreal, meanwhile, is issuing a special limited edition color in honor of the Oscars: Red Carpet Red. Such creativity! They must've agonized over that one. [MediaPost]
  • Kim Kardashian is the new face of Bongo jeans. When the jokes are this easy to make, we feel cheap making them. [Speak for your royal selves! Also...sorta liberal use of the word "face", huh? -Moe][MediaPost]
  • "A good blow-dry is an absolute necessity. Let someone else do the work for you!" Harrods scion Camilla Al Fayed. [WWD, 3rd item]
  • "I never had aspirations to be a shoe designer, but I just wanted a pair of elegant, animal-friendly shoes. Now I can walk into a store and there's a whole collection." Natalie Portman: And humble, too. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Balloon fashion show = awesome. Not as awesome as the condom fashion show, but. [Chic Report]
  • L'Oreal profits are up 29%. All thanks to pricey makeup's growing popularity in countries where the per capita income is still like $3,000! [WSJ]
  • Valentine's day Reeboks! [Chic Report]

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@bifteck-frites: I was thinking it probably looked gross too! It seems like too much of a coincidence that she has the infection and there is a patch. I've had pink eye a bunch of times and it sucks.