Many Women Marry After 30 • Aussie Men Love Living With Mum

Despite the rumor that you're more likely to be struck by lightning than get married after 30, 86 percent of women are married by 40. You're least likely to be married by 35 if you're a woman of color. •

• In other "no shit" news, law enforcement continues to detain thousands of people every year based on racial profiling. • Also filed under "No Shit, Sherlock": if you think you get rejected for your appearance, you're more likely to consider having plastic surgery. • Also, going to developing countries were IVF is cheaper is — surprise! — potentially bad for your health. • Australian men are more likely to live at home with their parents than Australian women, which probably has nothing to do with the fact that (anecdotally speaking), parents are more permissive about their sons' sexuality than their daughters'. • Jerking off a bunch is good for fertility, so that says something for the Aussie men, I guess. • The Queen of England plans to count swans at the end of the month due to some random tradition that says she owns most of them, not that she actually cares about that part of it anymore. • Rush Limbaugh thinks Obama will run again in 2016, because he apparently ran out of crazy shit to say today. • Sweden is reconsidering its strict prostitution law, what with the unintended consequences that it hasn't stopped prostitution. • Orange juice is worse for your teeth than whitening them, but scurvy is still bad, people. • Overweight mothers tend to underestimate their children's weight and doctors think they fool themselves that their children have problems. Of course, those doctors probably use BMI as an indicator, despite studies showing its a bad one. • Stressing yourself out during pregnancy can result in kids who have emotional problems, which is some fucking bullshit right there and where can I find those god damned doctors again to give them a piece of my mind? •


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