The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is one of those movies with a cast of thousands, so obviously, this screening, at AMC Loews 19th Street in NYC, was star-studded. Julianne, Penelope, Marion, Blake, Robin, and many more...

Julianne Moore channels either a giant clam or a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Same diff, really.

Actress Madeleine Martin is 16, going on 17. Innocent as a rose. Eager young lads and grueways and cads will offer her fruit and wine.


It's simply not fair that Blake Lively should be able to pull off embellished Gibson Girl with short-shorts.

Keanu Reeves needs a shoe-shine. That is all.


Shannon Elizabeth: take from her, her lace.

Robin Wright Penn continues the CPR-couture trend.


I guess this is what theatrical royalty like auteur Rebecca Miller wears. Traditional imperial garments for state occasions are allowed to be over-the-top, to our modern eyes.

Olivia Palermo, as a ladymag would have it, "models this season's trends." Perhaps with a random male model.


Helen Lee Schifter, a Best-Dresses List fixture, clearly likes the "statement necklace." What say you?


Zoe Kazan rocks my favorite frock of the evening. That's right: frock.

Although Marion Cotillard (quel surprise) is a serious contender, too! Avert your eyes - although from the combined force of the beauty or the sheen of Penelope Cruz's boots, is open to interpretation!


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