Many Soldiers Enlist In Army For Lack Of Options, 'Vogue' Reveals

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Breaking news in the October Vogue! Inspired by her slacker stepson's decision to enlist in the army, trailblazing journalist Maggie McGuane makes a shocking discovery:

There is an arrant social iniquity that comes from our country's all-volunteer army. Some ZIP codes, those of America's upper socioeconomic stratosphere, have been unscathed by the war in Iraq, while others, particularly in provincial America, take disproportionate losses. It's in those regions that public school students are targeted by military-recruitment efforts, as their labors are more often rewarded in places where patriotism is as common as yellow-ribbon bumper stickers, and high school kids see few options for escaping the confines of their hometowns.


The things you learn when you divorce your raging asshole literati husband to marry a firefighter!

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The story goes on to talk about how sometimes we forget that there are actually white people in the military with moms who take yoga and everything, and that firefighters don't necessarily think it's a stupid idea for their sons to enlist in the army which can be a BIG turn-off if you are a wealthy writerly type who is married to one. (Quote: "Our once fiery romance grew closer in temperature to Haagen-Dazs.") But then when Maggie's brawny new fireman husband watches his son go to Kentucky and thinks about maybe what it would be like if he replaced "Kentucky" with "Ramadi" he too realizes Operation Iraqi Freedom was a bad idea, just like she was telling him all along, and even starts to attend peace protests, so it's really okay that rich people don't have to shoulder as much of the burden as poor people because if poor people didn't lose so many lives in wars they wouldn't realize how fucked-up American foreign policy is, which rich people know about just by reading erudite publications such as Vogue.

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