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We've been remiss in not acknowledging the triumphant return of the writer behind the women's magazine-skewering blog Glossed Over, who is not only back (and newly-wedded) but as wonderfully bitchy as ever. Our favorite of her new posts is this take on the newest issue of Marie Claire: "Sure, magazines still offer some sliver of escapism, but reading the June issue of Marie Claire was like delving into a world that's worse than the one I actually live in. They've dubbed this 'The Body Issue,' but really, it's the bloody depressing issue. The intrepid staffers manage to put a negative slant on every single feature. It starts on the cover with this: 'Mighty Heidi Klum Recommends Sex in an Igloo.' So it's not enough for her to be a successful, beauty-standard-setting Teutonic blonde, but now my sex life is inadequate too?". There's more to be found here: [Glossed Over]


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