Manhattan DA Will Not Charge Greg Kelly With Rape

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After several weeks of investigating rape allegations made against Greg Kelly, co-anchor of Fox 5's Good Day New York and son of NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the Manhattan District Attorney has officially decided not to bring charges against Kelly. In a letter, lead prosecutor Martha Bashford said,

After reviewing all of the evidence, we have determined that the facts established during our investigation do not fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law. Therefore, no criminal charges are appropriate.

This brings to a close two weeks of intense public scrutiny of the case. Kelly's accuser had originally reported that he'd sexually assaulted her in her office, following a night of drinking, and that she'd become pregnant after the encounter. It appears that investigators could not substantiate some of her claims, though they have made no comment about any of the specifics of the case.

Kelly, who has been off the air at Fox 5 since his accuser came forward, issued a statement saying, "I am thankful that the investigation established what I've known all along, that I am innocent of the allegations that were waged against me." He also said he is grateful for all of the support he received, and he's looking forward to returning to work soon.


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Greg Kelly, Police Commissioner's Son and TV Anchorman, Won't Face Charges Over Rape Claim [ABC News]

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I'm sure this will start a massive hateful response against me for this but...

Every post written about this case on the blog since the beginning has been geared towards calling him guilty, and critisizing any piece of information that has come out in his favor. Other than the woman's statement, there has not been one shred of evidence to support her claims.

Rape is absolutely horrible, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

And is it so unthinkable that this woman made it up after having sex with him, and after her boyfriend found out? I know that is a hard concept to swallow, but it happens more often than you would think. And sadly only damages women who have truly gone through an unthinkable experience such as rape.

But honestly, since the moment this case began, this blog has not had one think to say in Greg Kelly's defense.

I'm sorry, but stop immediately assuming every man accused of rape is guilty, and start getting more angry at the women that file false claims everyday in this country to try to extort money, vengence, or to cover their own ass.