Mandie Erickson Designs Clothes But Doesn't Want Us To Know About It

Remember Mandie Erickson, the PR mentor/reality show villain/cunt face from The Fashionista Diaries? Well, apparently her talents are not limited to being horrible at interpersonal communication while working in public relations and making others feel bad about themselves as a way to mask her own insecurity. She also designs clothes! We're probably like the only people in the world obsessed with her, so we were so pissed at ourselves for not knowing about this earlier. Howevs, keeping her clothing line a secret was all part of her master plan. In an interview with Grandlife, she said:

Only a few people know about it. I'm really embarrassed when I'm with someone wearing a dress, and everyone knows where it's from. All of a sudden with fashion, you can go to H&M, and fashion savvy people hone in on the same pieces.


Wow, people must be beating down her door to hire her as a publicist with that unique "don't get the word out there" strategy she has. After the jump, photos of her line.


Honestly, while these pieces aren't genius or particularly inspiring, they aren't bad at all. The line, called Sweet Robin, ranges from $200 - $400 an item and is available at Scoop, Barney's and shopbop,


where they also sell, gasp!, Juicy Couture. We guess she's friends with Chloë Sevigny, because there are some pieces named after her, and according to Mandie's designer bio on shopbob, she designed the clothes with her friends in mind:

As owner of Seventh House PR, Mandie Erickson requires a wardrobe that's both versatile and chic. She began Sweet Robin with the desire to dress herself and her friends in clothing that stands up to the latest high-end trends but doesn't break the bank.


The best though is this comment she made in her Grandlife interview, that really encapsulates everything we love to hate about her, backhanded compliment and all:

Everyone thinks my friends are perfect. But every girl has something she doesn't like about her body.


Hmm...we wonder if she's going to sell right-hand gloves only next.


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