Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson Didn't Always Talk Like That

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How psyched are you for tonight's episode of Fashionista Diaries? The New York Times ran Ginia Bellafante's review of the show today that included this gem

When writing about fashion for this newspaper some years ago, I had occasional dealings with [Mandie] Erickson. Though always efficient and pleasant, she stood out in my memory because she once speculated that the impact of a designer's show would be "devastational."


Ginia takes a shot at Cunt Face's intelligence/education:

I couldn't watch "The Fashionista Diaries" without envisioning Ms. Erickson in a different kind of reality show, one, say, in which she had to compete with a dozen graduates from Swarthmore and Yale for an internship at Random House or Bear Stearns.


And while we totally get where she's coming from, we actually have the inside scoop on CF's educational background and fashion accent (faccent?) from someone who knew her back in the day...

From a very reliable source:

[Mandie] went to Rudolph Steiner High School, which is a tiny school (like 10 kids per grade) on the Upper East Side for gifted and artsy (and rich) kids. I don't remember her having that awful "melk" accent/Patty-and-Selma voice combo though. That must have been cultivated over many years.

We're going to be discussing tonight's episode here tomorrow, natch.

Can a Girl From Queens Catch the Glamour Bug? [The New York Times]


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Dodai Stewart

I grew up in NYC and we called that school Rudolph Stoner.