Everything about this is amazing: a Massachusetts man visited a local animal shelter on Friday "to report that his hamster population was out of control." According to the Boston Globe, he had started out with just two hamsters, but since hamsters breed like, uh, hamsters, that number increased exponentially, until he found himself with eighty. He apparently tried to separate them by sex to stop the population explosion, but that was difficult because it's hard to tell what sex a hamster is until it pops out baby hamsters. The hamsters soon outgrew the fish tanks he'd been keeping them in, and he had to use Tupperware containers, buckets, and an empty litter box. Finally โ€” and this is the sad part of the story โ€” the man couldn't afford to feed himself anymore due to the insatiable demands of his hamsters. He offered to take the hamsters to the shelter in a cab, since he didn't have a car, but shelter employees picked them up, thus sparing an innocent cab driver the shock of driving across town with eighty little animals in Tupperware containers. The hamsters are now up for adoption, except for twelve of them, who have already found homes.

Hamster deluge had owner scurry for help [Boston Globe]