Man Vs. Nature

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In the recent floods across the U.S. this month 12 people were killed, and 9 of them were men. Apparently, men are more likely than women to die in floods, partly because they are often outside for their jobs and because they are more likely to take stupid risks in bad weather. Lightning is also another "very common" fatal disaster for men (men are often "outside playing or watching sports"...apparently, women never go outside!). [Time]

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Personally, I just can't imagine (permanently) living in such a dangerous area. Granted, I lived on a major fault and in a landslide danger zone for a year and a half in LA (nothing happened), but I didn't build my life there. I've mostly lived in areas where the biggest threat is a snowstorm and even those don't REALLY cause huge damage...

Then again, I'm sure many people can't imagine living in NYC...

@MissTicklebritches: Ha. Turkeys.

@funnyface: You called me gorgeous, so I will bake you a damn wedding cake!

Sorry to all, btw: I didn't mean to stray so wildly from the topic at hand. Wasn't thinking.