Sometimes ten inches isn’t enough. For Billy-Tom O’Conner, he felt he needed more than his already sizable penis and bought some girth through penoplasty. It's all the rage in England.

Appearing on the British show This Morning with his surgeon on Tuesday, O’Conner admitted that now he’s so big a few women have declined sex with him because he’s just too large via Digital Spy. But the brave ladies? Oh, they “love it” and the trend is spreading with penoplasty patients up by 40 percent in the U.K. Guys, Mr. Cocky from Sex and The City is manufactured but real.


When asked why he upgraded with his anaconda, O’Conner said “I always had a big one and I wanted an absolute monster. I wanted a monster so I got one."

And then he showed his "absolute monster" on live television.

Unfortunately — or fortunately — since Jezebel is based in the U.S., the British channel ITV won’t allow the full video to play stateside. But Metro has a clip and an image of the interview and O'Conner's before and after surgery penis, pasted below [NSFW]. He also used a ream of paper to demonstrate the size of his post-surgery penis, shown above, which is seven and a half inches in girth and ten inches fully erect.


"When I first saw it, I said, 'Wow, that's the best money I've ever spent'. It's something I would have done 10 times over."


Images via ITV.