Photo via AP

Today in the annals of Romantic Love, Don’t Do That Division: A 33-year-old Queens man upset that his girlfriend was leaving town called 911 and told the operator she was “carrying a bomb and/or drugs” on her flight. Danesh Gomanie, 33, feared that his girlfriend would see her ex-husband when she traveled to Guyana, according to a criminal complaint.

According to the New York Daily News, in a report we saw via Gothamist, Gomanie called 911 on July 27 to prevent his lady-love from being able to board her flight at JFK airport. The woman, who hasn’t been publicly named, was pulled off her flight because of the bogus tip, the News reports:

He gave the operator his girlfriend’s first name and Customs and Border Protection officers confirmed there was a woman with a ticket on the flight.

Meanwhile, the FBI traced the call to Gomanie’s cellphone and agents fanned out to separately interview the couple. She told the agents she had an argument with Gomanie about her trip to Guyana, and he admitted that he was “fearful that she might reunite with her ex-husband who lived there.”

The couple reunited fairly quickly; when the FBI came to arrest Gomanie two days later, they found him in bed with his girlfriend. He posted bail in Brooklyn Federal Court Tuesday, where she told the Daily News, “It’s just jealousy. We’re back together. I forgive him.” The woman has been separated from her ex-husband for ten years.

It’s unclear whether Gomanie’s employer—a mechanic for a private company housed at JFK— will be as forgiving.