Man Sues Strip Club Over Dental Damage

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Jake Quagliaroli is suing an Indiana strip club after a dancer's platform heel flew off during a "high-kick maneuver" and hit him in the face. Quagliaroli's lawyer describes the gruesome scene:

"He was bleeding [and] his front four teeth were chipped ... It was not a situation where it was a light tap on the face. It hit him with quite a bit of force. You can imagine the velocity at which the shoe must have come out when it hit him in the face."

The lawyer added that it's the strip club's duty to "make sure people are wearing the right kind of clothes and [that those clothes] are not flying off." (We suspect he'd be less perturbed if a piece of clothing flew off.) Legal analysts say he may have a case, and either way, clubs should start cracking down on dangerous dancing attire.

Strip Club Patron Says Exotic Dancer's Shoe Chipped His Teeth [AOL News]

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Question for those who've worn them - how much do stripper shoes weigh? They certainly look like they'd be heavier than regular shoes, but that's also sort of counterintuitive given the whole pole twirling thing.

About this guy - sorry, can't rouse a lot of sympathy. The only plus I can see is that he's suing the club rather than the stripper herself, but still, seems like one of those "hey, your own fault for putting yourself in that situation" issues, like the other dude who choked to death on a woman's pasties.