Man Strips Down at Airport Security to Protest the TSA Getting All Up in His Business

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There are plenty of reasons to dislike the TSA—any organization that hates cupcakes as much as they do should certainly be given some serious side eye. But one traveler got so fed up with them bothering him that in a burst of rage he got naked in the security line at the airport in protest. It's like when the Incredible Hulk gets steamed and explodes out of his clothes, only probably not as intimidating.


The 49-year-old man's name is John Brennan, and his decision to strip down in the security area of the Portland airport yesterday caused quite a stir. According to Reuters, people's reactions appear to have been quite mixed:

Some passengers covered their own eyes, as well as their children's, during the Tuesday evening incident, a Port of Portland Police report said, while others "stepped out of the screening lanes to look, laugh and take photos."

Ha. It must have been nice to see a bunch of adults standing around covering their eyes in the presence of a naked person. Airport officials apparently asked him to get dressed a number of times, but he wasn't having it. So they dragged him away. A report about the incident said:

When interviewed about his actions, Mr. Brennan stated he flies a lot and had disrobed as a form of protest against (Transportation Security Administration) screeners who he felt were harassing him.

Well, he showed them—literally he showed them everything. Though his antics caused him to miss his flight because he got arrested and put in jail "on suspicion of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure." He was later released, and now his story has made the national news. Sure he might have landed himself on a no-fly list which could result in considerably more harassment over the long-term, but actually his protest was kind of effective. Not that we needed much prodding to be put off by TSA screenings, and not that there is much we can do about them. Still, maybe we can learn something from Brennan: If we all start getting naked—or half of us get naked and the other half cover our eyes—the security lines will go faster because they won't have to do those god awful pat-downs.

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