Man Says Goodbye to Gotye In the Most Meta Parody Yet

It's an age-old story of love and loss: You meet a song, maybe at a coffee shop or at a party. You bring it home via iTunes and listen to it constantly. No song has ever made you feel this way before. It is intense and passionate. It shakes you to your very core. You introduce it to your friends and they love it, too. Suddenly, you're not just listening to the song at home, but you're listening to it everywhere — at the grocery store, the laundromat, the shopping mall, etc. You begin to notice subtleties and nuances that you, in the flurry of romance, had somehow missed. Soon, however, those subtleties turn to pet peeves and, eventually, into full-blown annoyances. While the song is carrying on as if nothing is wrong, happy as ever, the very sound of it now puts your teeth on edge. You tell it that you can't listen to it anymore, delete it from your iPod and make sure that it can no longer get into your computer, but that doesn't stop your mom from trying to email it to you. Worse still, you run into it everywhere. It tells you that it's seeing lots of other people, but what can you do?


Now it's just some music that you used to love.

[Death and Taxes]

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