Man Propositions His Estranged 13-Year-Old Daughter For Sex Via Facebook

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A 39-year-old man from Lititz, Pennsylvania has been arrested after he reportedly tracked down his estranged 13-year-old daughter, whom he hadn't seen in 10 years, on Facebook, and then tried to get her to meet up with him for sex.


The man allegedly sent sexual messages to his daughter, describing the acts he wanted to perform with her, and asked her to meet him to experience such things. According to UPI, one of these messages read: "Not many other fathers and daughters are this brave, so not many of them are so lucky to experience all these pleasures." He signed all of these messages "Bad Daddy." Ugh.

The girl, who is indeed brave for being able to handle this mess, reported the horrific messages to her mother, who subsequently set up a sting with the cops, and the father, thinking he was going to meet his 13-year-old for sex, was then Chris Hansen-ed by police, who caught him with "an unopened box of condoms and a camera and tripod from his vehicle, along with a digital camera, camcorder, computers and data storage devices from his home." Four other men were also picked up in the sting, and "Big Daddy" now faces charges of "unlawful contact with a minor (related to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse), unlawful contact with a minor (related to statutory sexual assault), and criminal attempted incest."

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