Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Coke Bottles and Lots of Sugar

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Today’s trend in marriage proposals; say it with soda. A man named Donnie McGilvray asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage with six Coke bottles he’d personalized with the message “Beautiful Eloise Will You Marry Me.” There was no question mark, but we forgive you, Donnie.

The crafty proposal was waiting for Eloise when Donnie asked her to “put the milk away in the fridge,” according to Facebook, where he posted the image of him popping the question on the Coca-Cola company page. I can't lie, if someone proposed to me with, say, Earl Grey, I'd throw my panties immediately. Bonus points if the brand was PG Tips or Harney & Sons, and now you know the way to my heart.

Like personalized wedding M&M’s sporting the bride and groom’s initials, now folks can emblazon Coke bottles with their heart's delight through the company directly or just bootleg their words at home with photoshop and an inordinate amount of sugar. What's not to love?


Image via Facebook.

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

Hills, I share your love of Earl Grey!

For the summer, its also fantastic iced. And even better, I found a cocktail recipe a few years back that called for iced Earl Grey, a splash of fresh orange juice (the original I think called for tangerine maybe?), and fig vodka (which you make by sticking a bunch of dried figs into a bottle of vodka). Yummy!