Man Proclaims 50 Shades of Grey 'Deeply Unappealing to Men'

We think E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey

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is rather ridiculous (The term "Christian Grey flavored popsicle" still haunts our dreams), but the New York Daily News' Frank Santo, a "straight, white male of rather vanilla sexual inclinations" decreed the novel "pornography, plain and simple" that somehow still manages to gross men out. Yet, he's a fan, from a feminist perspective — Santo believes that ladies would feel "dirty and violated" if the book was written by a man, but since it's "clearly the invention of a real woman," it's empowering. He writes:

"50 Shades" describes acts of female sexual submission written by a woman, for women, from a woman character's perspective, presumably for the purpose of the same aforementioned enthusiasms. Just as the majority of men who watch pornography do not actually think of their significant others as lascivious, orange-skinned, clearly-faking-it sexual acrobats, I seriously doubt that most women would prefer their men like Christian Grey: domineering, stalking, devoid of any humor or personality whatsoever.


Brilliant idea: James Deen should play Christian Grey in the sure-to-be-upcoming movie version.

It's all porn to me: One man's review of '50 Shades of Grey' [NY Daily News]

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SeaLionEatBeast is suspended in gaffa.

The passages posted Tuesday, which I just read for the first time, are terrible. I've read waaaaaaaaay better smut posted for free online.

Furthermore, can we kill the old, used cliche of a dick being "steel wrapped in velvet". I've seen this phrase in every possible variation possible, and every time it takes away anything I might be feeling in my genitals.