A Florida man is in custody and being charged with child neglect after allegedly leaving his three children in the car while he went to a bar to drink. Before being arrested, though, he was on the receiving end of some vigilante justice, courtesy of his fellow bar patrons.

Via NBC:

Delong later told police that several men inside the bar accused of him of leaving his kids in the car, dragged him outside and beat him.

Prior to Delong's arrest, a witness called police to report Delong's three young children left alone for four hours in a gold Cadillac with the windows up and the key in the ignition, according to police. The children had been honking the horn and yelling "daddy" in the car.

A good Samaritan, Heather Weiss, stayed with the children and kept them calm until officers arrived, police said.


Oh, but don't worry, he had a good explanation:

Delong told police that he left his children in his mother's care and that his wife dropped them off at the bar without his knowledge. Delong's wife and mother denied the claims, police said.



Image via NBC