Man Headbutts His Wife in Bizarre Ad for Social-Events Website

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A Portuguese commercial for the social-events site Vai Bater features an act of domestic violence so strange that it might not leave you so much outraged as utterly bemused that anyone could have possibly thought that this would be a good way to create some positive buzz for the site. The ad features singer and Playboy model Monica Sofia sidling up to a man (who happens to be her real-life husband) in bed. When she gets close enough to lean in for a tender bedtime kiss, the man suddenly headbutts her, gets dressed (a quick-cut sequence that includes a brief shot of his leopard print briefs) in snazzy clothes, tucks his unconscious wife into bed, and, presumably leaves for some social function he'd been tipped off on through Vai Bater.

According to Adweek's resident linguists, the site's name literally translates to "go hit," though it's more likely a reference to a heartbeat, something along the lines of "your heart will beat" in anticipation of all the wonderful social events Vai Bater will tell you about. Like awkward parties for husbands who've headbutted their wives. Even the most gracious interpretation of this ad begs the question: Why? The headbutt is so casual that it's unsettling, as if it's just a matter of course that this leopard-underwearing gentlemen slams his skull into his wife's like he's a pachycephalosaurus and it's just, you know, something he does. However, these people aren't pachycephalosauruses and this ad seems, if not completely enigmatic, then about 65 million years past its relevance. Unless of course there are still dinosaurs walking around Lisbon disguised in people costumes, which I'm sure I would have found out about because I love dinosaurs.

Man Headbutts Wife In Horrible Ad for Social-Event Website [Adweek]

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Domestic violence against women is no joke, but headbutting Uncle Jesse is hilarious!