Man Films His Wife Giving Birth in the Car While He Drives

When most people picture the birth of their child, it does not include speeding down a highway frantically trying to film with a cell phone camera while their wife pushes the baby out in the front seat. And yet that is exactly how things went for one Texas couple.

Zachary Russell and his wife Jennifer were driving from their home to a birthing center 45 minutes from their house when Jennifer's labor progressed a bit more quickly than they were expecting. Suddenly—after just one push!—she was delivering her baby right there in the front seat. And while it was happening Zachary somehow had the presence of mind to both film the birth and keep the car moving and on the road. In retrospect, it might have been smarter to pull over, but everything worked out just fine in the end. Now they have a healthy baby named Willow, and one day, when she's old enough to drive, they plan to give her the car she was born in. Presumably after deep cleaning the front seat first.


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