Man Divorces Wife After She Refuses To Get Rid of Her 550 Cats

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If you're a nascent cat lady who has pondered, hypothetically, how many cats you could get away with having before any and all human relationships you have might be destroyed, a woman in Israel has provided you with an answer. The magic number, at least in her case, is 550 cats. Thatsa lotta cats-a.


It really seems like you'd need to live in a warehouse to even fit all of your feline "friends" under one roof, but this couple lived in a regular house, which made life fairly difficult for the husband—who it turns out is NOT EVEN A CAT LOVER! That is some serious dedication to marriage vows if you don't like cats, and you haven't fled after cat number six or seven, much less cat 300 or 400. Anyway, he complained that the hundreds of cats made his home life difficult by blocking his entrance to the bathroom, crowding the kitchen, and stealing his food off the table during meals. That does sound fairly unpleasant, yes, and I can't imagine you can really fight back against a mob of 500-plus cats if they make a run for your dinner plate.

To his credit, the man gave it his best, even trying to reconcile with his wife on instructions from the rabbinical court, but ultimately he told her it was him or the cats. She chose the cats, since clearly she has some kind of animal addiction, and so he said goodbye to the marriage—and to all 550 cats. Hopefully he is now living peacefully in a feline-free home with not a single furball in sight.

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It's easy to make jokes about her just being a "crazy cat lady," but animal hoarding - especially on this level - is actually a pretty serious problem and a form of animal abuse. It often leads to neglect of the animals since it's impossible for one person to take care of so many, but that person doesn't realize that they are harming them and keeps taking in more and more: