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Man Develops Delightful Giggling Disorder After Surgery

Huug Bosse had hip surgery three years ago and hasn't been the same since. Specifically, he cannot stop laughing. He's annoying everyone around him, but he doesn't care — everything is amusing to him. Of his wife, who seems highly irritated by his new personality, he says laughingly, "She actually doesn't love me, but oh well... Hahaha." This seems like the best affliction ever. Fortunately, if his family needs a break from constant, hilarious giggling fits, there is one antidote: playing the national anthem. It moves him so much that he starts to cry almost instantly.


Update: If subtitles don't automatically show up for you, press the "cc" button on the lower right, and then you'll be able to tell what's making him giggle so hard.

[Via The Daily What]

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Ok... I don't want to be a stick in the mud, but... This isn't very funny. This is pretty tragic. His own brother and daughter won't come to visit because of his laughing, which he cannot control. His wife can't have a serious conversation with her partner because he can't control his emotions properly.