Man Cuts Off His Wife's Lip and Eats It So She'll 'Never Be Able to Kiss Again'

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Ahh, humanity: you never go a day without proving just how creatively awful you can be. The human (more of a monster, really) in question here is a university professor in Stockholm who recently sliced off his wife's lower lip as punishment for her requesting a divorce. Why? Well, as a prosecutor in the case explained, "He did it so that she would never be able to kiss again and said 'I'll get four years, but you're getting a life sentence.'" Oh noooo—but wait, it gets worse.


The 52-year-old man "flew into a jealous rage," after his wife asked for the divorce, but waited until she was asleep before taking a scalpel to her face and slicing off nearly her entire lower lip. He then ate the whole piece of lip that he'd just cut off. HE ATE IT. Like full-on cannibal, swallowed it and everything. There is not an emoticon in the world powerful enough to express the digust-rage that thinking about that brings to one's face.

Plastic surgeons have attempted to rebuild the poor woman's lip, but they have deemed her injury permanent. He has been charged with aggravated assault and is now facing up to ten years in prison. He was originally set to be charged with attempted murder but it was reduced after the police determined it wasn't his goal to kill her—only to disfigure her for life. How did they know he wasn't trying to pull off a murder? Oh, you see, "He helped her call police and remained there until help arrived." Awww, whadda guy.

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Good lord. I hope the doctors can do SOMETHING for her at least :'(

This really freaks me out cause I can totally see my ex from last year doing something like this. He was legitimately psychotic & extremely paranoid. He thought all these secret organizations were after him, and he was constantly accusing me of cheating or wanting to cheat. I could see him doing something like this to me if I hadn't gotten out when I did. Yikes.