Man Chases, Assaults Cabbie for Trying to Buy His Girlfriend's Cats

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A man was charged with assault after chasing down a cab driver who showed up at his home to buy his girlfriend's cats.

This story is out of Tennessee, which makes Florida and Texas feel really left out. According to WRCB, police said a cab driver, Ervin Morgan, went to the home of Jennifer Wilson to buy some cats from her. According to The Chattanoogan, Morgan paid her $30, took the cats to his car and returned with another $20 to pay her.

Morgan told police that's when her boyfriend, Michael Kirby got involved. Morgan said when he returned, Kirby told him they didn't want to sell the cats after all (can you even imagine this conversation) and that's when all hell broke loose. Via WRCB:

The cabbie was cornered inside the front door of the residence, but forced his way out, left the door off its hinges, and jumped in his cab. That's when two men ran out, chasing him down the street with pots, pans and sticks. Before driving off, he said Kirby slammed the driver's side door of the car with a large stick with enough force to leave tree bark jammed into the dashboard.


That's right, grown men with pots and pans chased a cabbie down the street after an argument over cats. Police arrived and later said Wilson, who they described as "uncooperative" told them she changed her mind about selling the cats to Morgan. Kirby was arrested for aggravated assault and vandalism but his crimes against Morgan didn't stop after he was booked.

Morgan was also arrested that night on an unrelated theft charge and the drama llama followed them into the jail. I am definitely moving to this town:

Police said Kirby went to Morgan's holding cell and punched him in the face because he thought Morgan "got him arrested on false charges."

Remember, all of this was over some cats. Proving once again that cats are out to destroy society (and they are winning at it).

Screencap via WRCB.

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ad infinitum

I feel like utter crap today, so this may just be me being a moron and missing something obvious, but... who the hell is "Kirby"? We have the cat's owner, Jennifer Wilson, her boyfriend, Michael Riley, and the cabbie, Ervin Morgan. "Kirby" first appears in the blockquote, with no explanation, and is then referenced again immediately below, once again with no explanation. I'm confused!