​Man at County Fair Was Allegedly Recruiting Teens To Be Porn Stars

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Of all the experiences the county fair offers — pig riding contests and chili cook-offs and dunk tanks and sneaking in alcohol and throwing up on a ferris wheel — you might not imagine being pitched a career in the exciting and lucrative world of porn would be included. But for a few underage girls at the Alameda County Fair, that's exactly what happened.

34-year-old Aaron Gimbert was taken into custody after undercover cops observed him passing out business cards for a company called "Big Pimpin Inc." which 1) had to be blurred out for explicit content and 2) feature characters that look like hypersexualized Homies. Apparently, the card offered a signing bonus for an 18th birthday contract! Okay...

KTVU reports that a 16-year-old girl named Justice was approached by Gimbert when her mother took her brother to get water:

"He like asked if I was 18 and I was like no I'm 16, and he kind of thought about it, and he was like call me when you turn 18," said Justice.


He allegedly told Justice that she would make a "good porn star," which, while probably meant as some sort of douchebag compliment, is a crazy skin-crawlingly predatory remark to make. Gross, right? It gets worse. Gimbert was wearing a fair employee shirt—he was hired as a contract worker for the fair. Because he was a part-time employee, there was no background check for him. GREAT.

Justice's mother informed authorities, who proceeded to set up a sting to catch the sleazeball, who a representative of the enforcement team referred to as a "knucklehead."

Ugh, I need to take a shower. In bleach.

Screenshot via KTVU.

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Welp. You've got to give him this - he found a way to besmirch the reputation of carnies, a feat hitherto thought impossible. Congratulations...?