Man Arrested for Threatening to Attack Another Ariana Grande Concert

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Just a few months after a terrorist attack at a Manchester Ariana Grande concert killed 22 people, another one of the popstar’s shows was threatened with an attack.


After briefly suspending her tour for two weeks in May following the Manchester attack, Grande returned to the Dangerous Woman tour in June. And on Monday Costa Rica authorities arrested a 22-year-old Colombian man who had made threats online against a new stop on Grande’s tour. The concert happened as scheduled on Sunday in Alajuela.

The head investigator on the case told local authorities the threats were written in Arabic and the suspect was only referred to by his family names, “Caicedo Lopez.”

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Not a fan of Ariana’s music (read: I AM OLD) but can’t give her enough credit.

After the attack on her fans at her Manchester gig, I would have totally understood if she’d hidden away indefinitely from public view to recover from the trauma of this attack. Instead she came out with grace and dignity, and showed a kind of leadership, leading the way for her (often young) fans to stand up and re-unite, as a way towards collective recovery. I admire her so much for that.

Meanwhile the president of the country she resides in, you know, a man in a position elected to at least show leadership even if he can’t provide it, even failed at that. Instead, he acted like a diva, which is sort of the behaviour I would have expected from superstar singers, not from presidents.