36-year-old Oklahoma resident Martin Kraham was arrested last Thursday for having sex with several people he met through Craigslist without disclosing his HIV positive status. According to the arrest warrant, Kraham put up 695 posts on the Craigslist personals section over the course of six-and-a-half years. That is fucking scary. Multiple victims have come forth to share their experience support each other.

Via Raw Story:

One of Kraham's victims, who wished to remain anonymous, issued a statement saying, "The entire situation is devastating. 'Party' Marty Kraham is a trust fund psychopath, preying on innocent people from all walks of life. To anyone who has been exposed to HIV by Marty, it's not your fault & there is support for you. He groomed his victims by gaining their trust. He lied by telling all of us that he was HIV negative."

Oklahoma State Health Department records show Kraham tested positive for HIV in August of 2007, though police do not know how many people he has met through his hundreds of Craigslist posts and put at risk since then.

Kraham is currently facing multiple charges: "two counts of knowingly engaging in conduct likely to transfer HIV and two counts of using computers to violate Oklahoma state statutes." His wife (sigh) told KOCO that Thursday "was an emotional day" and declined to give any further comments.


Image via KOCO.