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Man Arrested for Exposing His Fake Penis

Illustration for article titled Man Arrested for Exposing His Fake Penis

Here's something that's both weird and, as it turns out, illegal: putting a dildo in your pants, driving over to the local community college, and showing it to passersby like it's your own dick. Twenty-six-year-old Jason Bovia did that at Anne Arundel Community College, and when police were called, they found him "in possession of fake genitalia." He confessed to repeated fake-dick-flashing, and has been charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. A commenter on The Smoking Gun says it best: "It is sad on one level that he has had to resort to flashing a false wiener. But on another level it is wrong what he did."


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I'm kind of curious as to how the charges were handled. "Indecent exposure" for showing off an object that resembles genitals seems a bit... odd. I totally want to see the specific law he was cited under. (Disorderly conduct seems like it is fairly appropriate.)