Man Arrested for Climbing the 'D'

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A YouTube “star” was arrested on Wednesday for attempting to scale and conquer the Hollywood sign—specifically the letter “D.”

AH, what is it about the “D” that’s so alluring? What is it that keeps people coming back? Many have tried and failed, but Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was daring enough to get up on the Hollywood “D” and was arrested for it.

According to Variety:

Holding a sign that read “I’m Back,” the Russian-born daredevil stood atop the “D” on the famed Hollywood sign for over an hour, dressed in camouflage and taking video selfies.


An hour on the “D”! Impressive.

The LAPD showed up and urged him to get off that thing, because it was time he end these hijinx. Zdorovetskiy climbed up there on the “D” twice, because once is never enough, reportedly as part of his upcoming stunt movie Natural Born Pranksters.

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Looks like he’s just on the tip. I don’t think that counts.