Malia Obama's "scandalous" appearance in a peace sign shirt in Italy has led way too many people to speculate about its potential political implications for nuclear disarmament rather than a decision about fashion by a kid. •

• For a segment on skin whitening, NPR interviews a professor from Indiana who says it "does not imply necessarily that they want to be white." A columnist from South Africa disagrees: "people want to be white, or light." • Teens at risk of becoming pregnant (one possible risk factor: having an older sister who gave birth as a teen) are being paid a dollar a day by a North Carolina program to not become preggo. Participating girls only receive the money if they successfully graduate from high school and enroll in college. • A recent report released by Amnesty International indicates that pregnant women in Peru are dying at "scandalous" rates. Most of the deaths are located in rural areas, and the report stated that poor, indigenous women are being denied the same health services available to other women in the country. • A study of Australian pregnant women found that older mothers (30s and 40s) are just as healthy as younger moms. However, the older mothers tended to worry about their children more, while the younger mothers reacted more positively to the changes in their bodies. • Golf mentor Pia Nilsson and her coaching partner, Lynn Marriott, are reportedly responsible for a number of strange ticks exhibited by women golfers on the LPGA tour. The team relies on a "holistic" approach, that takes into account the player's spiritual and emotional needs as well as their physical ones, to coach their clients to victory. • A group of high school girls, including one cheerleader, made the news on July 3rd when they stole $147 from a group of children, one of who was in a wheelchair. The three mean girls were arrested the next day. • A British school is having its students practice their reading skills on dogs to boost their self-confidence. • Some British advice columnist thinks men might experience pains worse than childbirth. If he's in a relationship with a woman, we're guessing he's about to find out. • An Indian astrologer has filed a petition objecting to the recent court ruling decriminalizing consensual homosexual intercourse. Maybe he's India's Larry Craig and prefers it illicit? • Taiwan is on the cusp of legalizing prostitution in Taipei and limiting it to a special district, as they do in Amsterdam. No one's yet sure where the district will be, so the sex workers are hoping they won't end up in the mountains. • Women prefer men who have some rhythm on the dance floor, possibly because too many of us have had one without any in bed. • One potential benefit of screwing around with a man-whore: lower sperm count. Apparently, their sperm also thinks it's not necessary to try hard in bed because they're so pretty. • Even after women leave abusive partners, custody arrangements often leave them open to continued abuse. • Two Houston firefighters have come forward about an ongoing campaign of racial and sexual harassment committed against them by their colleagues. The women are being forced by the department to use their vacation time while the department determines who threatened to kill them on the job. • The Senate Appropriations Committee today voted to codify the end of the Mexico City Policy (also known as the Global Gag Rule) into law to prevent the next Republican President from putting it back into effect. Republicans are threatening to hold up the legislation on the Senate floor.