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Malia Obama Attended Lollapalooza, Had a Better Summer Than You

Illustration for article titled Malia Obama Attended Lollapalooza, Had a Better Summer Than You

In what must have been a security nightmare for the Secret Service, Malia Obama attended the Lollapalooza music festival this weekend in Chicago.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

The Obama's tall 15-year-old was with three friends and was happily chatting away as she left the muddy venue. Despite blending quietly into an oblivious crowd, she was flanked by two huge guards, apparently Secret Service agents in plains clothes, who made sure she and her friends – two girls and a boy – had plenty of space to make their exit.


Malia caught Chicago artist Chance the Rapper's headlining performance to close Sunday night at the festival, proving that she has excellent taste.

I have to imagine that bringing a Secret Service detail to Lollapalooza is at once both annoying and awesome. Annoying because everything is annoying when you're a teenager, but awesome because anyone who has ever been to a music festival knows how handy they could be. (I bet Malia didn't have to wait in a twenty minute line to use a dirty porta potty.)

Those who spotted her went straight to Twitter to document their sighting. One concertgoer tweeted that he asked the eldest Obama daughter for a photo, but was told that she wasn't allowed to take pictures with anyone. So unless Sarah here is a friend, she got incredibly lucky.


This closes out what I assume has been the best summer any 16 year-old has ever had. Malia spent the summer interning on the new Halle Berry series Extant in Los Angeles.

When I was 16, I spent the summer at camp studying for the SATs.

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