Male Nurse Sentenced to Two Years In Jail For Raping Woman's Corpse

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62-year-old Alejandro Razo of Reseda, California has been sentenced to two years in jail after he was found guilty of having sexual contact with human remains. Surprisingly, his nursing license has not been revoked.

Razo, who has worked as a nurse for over 20 years, was arrested in 2013 for health and safety code violations after a co-worker walked in on him having sex with the corpse of a woman he was meant to be preparing for mortuary. The woman had died of natural causes. (I don't know why this is mentioned in the story, but I imagine it's so that people don't think Razo killed the woman before forcing himself on her.) Prosecutors were able to convict Razo based on DNA evidence gathered at the scene.

The LA Times reports that while Razo will serve jail time, 180 days of his sentence will be under supervised release. And though Razo will not be in jail, he will not be allowed near the hospital. He will also have to attend madatory counseling and sex offender meetings.


Razo's license has been suspended for the time being, but it has not been revoked, which means that he could, theoretically (and probably only theoretically), work in a hospital again.

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