Makeup Tips From a Drag Queen: How to Get a 'Natural' Look

Everyone knows that it takes a certain amount of makeup to get that pretty no-makeup look. But what should you use? Where should you put it? We asked RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Manila Luzon to demonstrate a 'natural' look for us. Remember, coral lips are natural, because coral exists in nature. And here's a quotable for you: "Don't pump! It just dries out your tube."


BTW, have you seen Manila Luzon's video for her debut single, "Hot Couture"? Guest appearances by Imelda Marcos*, Karl Lagerfeld*, Jiggly Caliente and a lil' Manila!

Don't forget there's a new episode of RPDR tonight… And you can chat live with the queens on Logo TV's site.

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Okay, I realize that, being a drag queen, her idea of a "Natural" makeup is probably not the same as mine, but WTF??? That's one of the most badly applied tutorials I've ever seen. Love her, though. Wish I could be half that confident about things I'm not very good at.