Make Your Own Prom Date: Tim Tebow Edition

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Rachel Bird didn't have a date to her senior prom, so she decided to ask Tim Tebow to go with her. When he didn't reply to her Twitter invitation, she made the best of the situation and took a cardboard cutout of him as her date instead. She and her very flat quarterback hit the dance this past weekend at Kingsley-Pierson High School in Iowa, and she reports that he was a total hit with both the girls and boys. She said, "I think more people took their picture with Tim than they did with me." He actually sounds like pretty good company:

He was a cheap date, and he didn't talk much. And when I asked him to stand in a corner, he did. I don't think it even hurt his feelings.


Amazing. Rachel made the cutout herself—with a little help from her dad—and though he smelled a bit strongly of wood glue, it was nothing a little of her dad's cologne couldn't hide. While he might not have been a great conversationalist or dancer, Bird says, "It was so much fun. I don't regret it at all." Her mom Carol was a little skeptical about the plan (as was Rachel at a few points leading up to the dance), but in the end it all worked out. Carol says, "We wanted her to have fun with her friends and have a nice memory — and it's definitely something people will remember for years. She's not usually outgoing like this. She really came out of her shell for this one." Aww, that Tim Tebow, always bringing out the best in us, even when he's made of cardboard.

Lifesize Tebow cutout accompanies Iowan to her senior prom [Des Moines Register via HuffPo]

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Violet Baudelaire

One of the cutest things I've ever seen was my college roommate, who had a long distance boyfriend who couldn't make it to a major family event back home- so she got a lifesize cardboard cut out of him made and took it with her, and took tons of photos, etc with him in it so to send to him so it was like he was there - it was heartbreakingly sweet.