Make Your Engagement Extra Special by Proposing at Pizza Hut

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Asking someone to marry you is one of life's most amazing events; so what better place to do it than at Pizza Hut, one of the most amazing places on the planet. For the bargain price of just $10,010, you can get a complete Pizza Hut proposal package. That may seem a bit pricey for what is not necessarily the most gourmet pizza pie, but before you balk, you should know they provide the ring! And they also throw in limo service, a videographer, a photographer, flowers, fireworks, and...$10 worth of pizza and breadsticks to chow down on after she says yes. (Or you could hide the ring under a slice of pepperoni and propose mid-meal, if you want to make in an extra greasy engagement.) This is one can't lose meal deal, because there is no girl in the world who would say no to a question popped with pizza. You'd better act quickly though. They're only offering 10 of these packages, and you've got to buy before Valentine's Day.


[Via Eater]

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I wonder how many people propose/are proposed to in that "traditional" sort of way. When Mr. Barge and I got engaged 24 yrs ago (wow) we discussed it. We agreed that we wanted to get married to each other versus just moving in together. We discussed what we saw marriage like and why we thought we'd be good for each other. And then we exchanged Swiss Army 'engagement' watches.

Mr. Barge later felt obliged, due to pressure from family and friends, to buy a diamond ring but I preferred the watch - which I still wear everyday while the ring languishes in my jewellery box.

I've never been interested in proposal stories before but now I think I've been missing out on juicy stories full of pizza and fireworks.