"Make Your Boobs Jealous!": Reebok's "EasyTone" Ad Campaign Is An Epic Fail

Image for article titled "Make Your Boobs Jealous!": Reebok's "EasyTone" Ad Campaign Is An Epic Fail

Hey ladies, is there anything sexier than the blatant objectification of women? Reebok certainly doesn't think so, as evidenced by their horrendous "EasyTone" sneaker commercials, which drew the attention of several of our readers, and not in a good way.


In this first commercial, which Margaret posted last week, the woman promoting the shoes is checked out twice by the cameraman, who just can't help but zoom in on her backside. "Excuse me," she says to the cameraman as he blatantly checks her out, "I take it you agree?" She then smiles as if being objectified by some cameraman is the best thing in the world. Charming.

Here, the shoes show a female body, without a face, to promise that using the shoes will ensure that "88% of men will be speechless, 76% of jealous, and 0% will know the reason is on your feet." Because those are the only reasons women care about fitness, right? Not because heart disease is the number one killer of women, and not because they want to live healthy lifestyles and feel good about themselves, silly! Women only work out for the benefit of men and to ensure that other ladies are "just jealous."

This super classy ad, the worst of them all, shows a woman's breasts—and only her breasts—complaining about being jealous of her butt, which has improved since she started using EasyTone sneakers. "Make your boobs jealous!" a male announcer says at the end of the commercial. So now it's not even enough to make other women jealous, you have to make your own body parts turn against each other. My boobs actually felt sorry for my brain when it had to process the amount of bullshit in these three ads, and my eyes were jealous of my toes for being tucked deep in my socks, away from this sexist mess. Thanks, but no thanks, Reebok. You can kiss my butt, and my money, goodbye.



The idea that I must constantly be improving myself for the benefit of men and the degradation of other women, even when I'm simply walking, is so sad to me.