More and more women are turning to cosmetic surgery after a divorce to "try to look better so they are able to face their 'exe' with confidence." Or so says a plastic surgeon who wrote a post about the five most common procedures for HuffPo. The surgeon, Dr. Robert Tornambe, goes on to say, "It is true that for a woman with reasonable expectations and appropriate motives, cosmetic surgery may provide a boost in confidence and help smooth the transition from married to single life." And then he provides a handy list โ€” breast augmentation, mommy lifts โ€” just so you know your options.

What the fuck? Isn't this like when doctors used to do commercials for cigarettes back in the day, making unsubstantiated, declarative statements like, "Smoking after a meal makes you feel lighter!" It's so unethical to allow a plastic surgeon to mask an obvious industry advertisement as "news," even if the following exclamation is tacked on to the end: "Women must be able to recognize and embrace their inner and outer beauty prior to considering cosmetic surgery!"

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