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It's no secret that Congress is a total shitshow, unable to fix even the most minor problem. The good news is that they've finally gotten bad enough at their jobs that America has been roused from its usual stupor and is starting to take notice—and now we're ready to throw the bums out! Seriously, all of them.


A new poll found that a record 56 percent of voters would "vote out every member of Congress if there were a place on the ballot to do so." And that sentiment was found across the whole spectrum, from conservatives to liberals. it certainly doesn't look like a good time to be an incumbent. Though we may want to think twice about throwing the entire Congress in the trash. There's a chance their rotting, power-starved bodies will regenerate and form some kind of mutant political gang—like the Garbage Pail Kids—that comes back to terrorize us all. Beware of Bad-to-the-Boehner and Moldy McConnell. Steer clear of Putrid Pelosi and Slimy Schumer... If we're not careful they'll all be back to run for president in 2016.

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