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Maid of Money

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Word on the street is, being a bridesmaid sucks. In fact, they've made several romantic comedies centered on just this premise! And in addition to being exhausting, demoralizing and degrading, apparently the honor of attending is, along with everything else, also increasingly pricey. In addition to the usual costs of gifts and (more and more often) travel, bridesmaids "are often expected to buy a dress, matching shoes, and jewelry, not to mention professionally applied makeup and nail polish on the day itself. And well in advance of the "I do's," they usually serve as host for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or both." In fact, calculates that before travel, the average bridesmaid will pony up $700. Multiply that by 27! [US News]


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My bridesmaids paid $80 for the dress of their choice at J-Crew. They have all worn them since. Shoes and jewelry should never be required to match among three women, either. They opted for hair and make-up at $55 a pop. They also opted to throw a shower and bachelorette, which I told them they didn't have to, since none of us is wealthy.

Being a bridesmaid can be fun if you have a bride that realizes her wedding is not the highlight of her bridesmaids' year.